Island Police: Fallen branch disables car in Northeast Harbor

Mount Desert 

In a private lot in Northeast Harbor on Monday, due to extreme wind and rain, a branch broke off a tree and came down on a 2019 Ford Fusion, causing disabling damage to the vehicle. No one was inside the Fusion at the time. 

The police department is investigating a report taken on Jan 11 of a vehicle being operated on Seal Harbor Beach.   

An officer found a streetlight in the roadway in Northeast Harbor on Friday, which was brought down by a severe windstorm. An electrical company was contacted to repair the light. 

Brittany M. Carter, 34, of Southwest Harbor, was summonsed on Monday for unlawful possession of scheduled Y drugs. 

An officer came across a downed tree along Chaplain Drive in Seal Harbor on Monday. A resident stopped to help and used his chainsaw to clear the tree from the roadway. 

Bar Harbor 

Following a traffic stop in Bar Harbor on Jan. 10, Ryan West, 40, of Franklin, was summonsed for operating after suspension. 

Following a traffic stop in Pretty Marsh on Jan. 11, Jonathan Evans, 36, of Tremont, was summonsed for operating after suspension. 

A man asked the police for help on Jan. 11 to get vehicle documents from his ex. 

Candace Dacosta, 40, of Southwest Harbor, was driving a 2012 Toyota Sienna northward along State Highway 102 on Jan 12 when she lost control due to icy road conditions and struck a telephone pole at the intersection with Kitteridge Brook Road. The Sienna was towed from the scene. Two of the car’s occupants had possible injuries and were taken by ambulance to the hospital, according to the police log. 

Jake Haller, 19, of New York, was heading southward in his 2018 Subaru on State Highway 3 in Bar Harbor on Jan. 12 when he lost control of the vehicle due to bad weather and poor road conditions. Haller was uninjured but the Subaru was towed from the scene. 

Gage Gilley, 31, no town of residence given, was arrested on Jan. 12 on a warrant for failure to appear. He posted bail and was released. 

Following a traffic stop on Friday, Joseph Paul Meek, 37, of Trenton, was arrested on a charge of violating conditional release, operating after suspension, operating under the influence and refusing to submit to arrest or detention. Meek was booked into the Hancock County Jail. 

The police department received a report on Monday of a branch on a wire that caused a small fire. The fire burned itself out. 

A tree was reported to have taken down power lines in Bar Harbor on Monday. Versant Power was contacted and took care of the tree and power lines. 

Southwest Harbor 

The police department received a complaint on Friday about an intoxicated driver. At the time of the complaint, the vehicle had left Southwest Harbor and was headed into Mount Desert. It was located by the Bar Harbor Police Department. 

On Friday, the police department received word from the Bar Harbor Police Department that a man they had arrested was worried about a woman who was at a local bar. The police determined that the woman was fine and just wanted to be away from the man who made the report, according to the police log. 

The police department received a report on Sunday of a deer with a broken leg. According to the police log, the deer has been in that condition for some time and is mobile and self-sufficient, so it will be left alone. 

While an officer was patrolling on Monday, he reported that the road became instant ice and unpassable in areas, including Long Hill, which was shut down due to multiple cars going off the road there until road crews were able to salt and sand. 


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