Island Police: Dog’s death probed

Lexie, a missing Golden Retriever, was found dead Monday, miles from where it was last seen on Saturday.

Lexie, a missing Golden Retriever, was found dead Monday, miles from where it was last seen on Saturday.

MOUNT DESERT — A golden retriever that ran away when its owner was snowshoeing Saturday in Tremont was found deceased Monday in the Suminsby Park picnic area on Sargeant Drive, miles away and on the opposite side of Somes Sound from where it had been seen last.

A resident walking a dog discovered the body of a golden retriever named Lexie down over a bank near the shore of Somes Sound around 2:15 p.m., according to Chief Jim Willis.

When Lexie ran off from the Duck Cove area of Tremont, she was wearing a tight-fitting collar and a blaze orange vest, Willis said. Those items were missing when the body was found. There was no obvious sign of injury, Willis said.

Willis said police “can only speculate” how the dog’s body came to be at the picnic area. They are working with a veterinarian in hopes of learning more about how the dog died.

Reports of vehicles off the road resulted in two arrests for alleged drunk driving.

On Monday, Michael Pickering, 44, of Franklin was arrested on a charge of operating while under the influence (OUI).

Dru Colbert, 57, of Mount Desert was arrested last week on an OUI charge after her vehicle slid off the road near Parkman Mountain.


A rear-end collision Monday on Route 3 extensively damaged a 2008 Dodge minivan driven by Llwellyn Dwyer, 32, of Trenton.

According to the report, Dwyer failed to see a vehicle that had stopped in traffic for a construction flagger. Dwyer’s Dodge struck the rear of the stopped 2007 Volkswagen driven by Christin Madeira, 34, of Bar Harbor.

A 2004 Chevrolet pickup driven by an Alabama woman collided Friday with a dump truck on the Oak Point Road near the town office.

Rosamond Morris, 32, of Gulf Shores, Ala., was passing the dump truck when it started to make a left-hand turn into Salty Sand Way. Morris and the dump truck driver, Chadd Blanchard, 42, of Surry, were not injured.

Southwest Harbor

A Valentine’s Day spat ended with a ride to jail in a police cruiser for a Southwest Harbor woman accused of assaulting her boyfriend.

Tricia Roe, 31, was arrested on a charge of domestic violence assault shortly before 11 p.m. She was taken to the Hancock County Jail in Ellsworth and later released on bail.

According to police, Roe allegedly pushed her boyfriend over a snow bank during a tiff.

Christopher Stilwell, 27, of Lamoine was arrested Feb. 12 on warrants charging him with unpaid fines and probation revocation.

James Hall, 24, of Ellsworth was issued a summons Friday on a speeding charge.

Bar Harbor

Firefighters responded to the Rodick Lorraine apartments on Saturday after a report of an electrical odor in the elevator. On further investigation, a faulty light ballast was located and disconnected. Also at Rodick Lorraine on Saturday, firefighters helped a resident by shoveling off her balcony.

Rachel Wells, 23, of Bar Harbor and Virginia was arrested Sunday on a charge of OUI after Officer Chris Wharff approached to help her get her vehicle unstuck from a snow bank in the Old Police Department parking lot.

Alfred Kerr, 46, of Bar Harbor was summonsed Sunday on a charge of operating without a license.

Officer Judson Cake got his patrol vehicle stuck while on Mountain Avenue on Feb. 10 and had to seek the assistance of a tow truck. Officer Larry Fickett needed to get his patrol vehicle pulled out of deep snow on Sunday after getting stuck in a Route 102 parking lot.

A man cleaning snow from his Mount Desert Street property was warned Feb. 12 not to shovel snow into the sidewalk or street.

A resident of an apartment complex on Cedar Avenue was warned Friday for disorderly conduct after reports of an individual being disruptive to other tenants.

Kristina McLaughlin, 49, of Bar Harbor was arrested Monday on a warrant for an unpaid fine.

Firefighters investigated reports of smoke coming from the Indian Point Road area Feb. 11 but could not find anything of note. Mount Desert firefighters eventually located an unauthorized brush pile burn near Bartlett Landing.

Officer Shaun Farrar assisted a motorist stuck on Otter Cliff Road on Feb. 10.

Officer Tim Frost gave a man waking in the dark on Route 3 a ride home on Saturday and advised him to wear reflective clothing or carry a light while walking at night.

Emergency responders were called to a Crooked Road home to investigate carbon monoxide and sewer gas levels Saturday after the owner became concerned. The air in the dwelling checked out fine, according to reports.

Police responded to a handful of fender-bender accidents this week.

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