Island Police: Deer causes motorcycle crash in Bar Harbor 

Bar Harbor 

A deer vs. motorcycle collision on May 26 left the driver with a possible broken wrist. A Bernard man was traveling eastbound on Indian Point Road on his 2016 Harley Davidson when a deer ran out in front of him. He was unable to avoid hitting the deer. After striking the deer, while still on the motorcycle, the man skidded down the roadway until coming to rest.  

An officer responded to a report of someone sleeping in the public bathroom on May 26 and have the person a ride home. 

An officer responded to a report of someone who had tried to overdose on sleeping pills on May 26. The person was taken to the hospital by the Bar Harbor Fire Department. 

A vehicle eluded police on Friday. The driver ditched the vehicle at a closed business and fled on foot. 

An officer warned two minors on Friday night for drinking in public and illegal possession of liquor by a minor.  

An officer was advised on Sunday of a dog in a parked car near the YMCA in Bar Harbor. The officer located a BMW that had a small dog inside and noted all the windows were cracked and the dog did not appear to be in any distress. According to the police log, the officer circled around a couple of time and the vehicle’s owners came back to the car after about 15 minutes. The officer also noted there was a farmer’s market taking place at the Y at the time. 

Mount Desert 

An officer was requested to assist the Mount Desert Elementary School on May 24 with a couple of juveniles who were causing a disturbance. 

An officer assisted the Mount Desert Fire Department on May 24 with moving several vehicles in the Cranberry parking lot for upcoming construction work. 

A person was warned for trespassing on Saturday after they were found sleeping in a vehicle at a closed business.  

Southwest Harbor 

Contractors who were parking at a property without permission on May 24 were told to move along by the police. 

An officer received a report on May 24 of a vehicle that had gone over the ramp at the lower town dock. A wrecker came and helped the motorist. There was no damage to the vehicle – it was just stuck. 

A vehicle was stopped on Main Street on May 24 for speed. A small bag of marijuana was confiscated by the police from the underage driver. 

 A two-vehicle collision occurred on Main Street in Southwest Harbor on Sunday involving a 2015 Subaru Forester operated by Susan Cook of Tremont and a 2008 Dodge Tacoma driven by Robert Girard of Southwest Harbor. Georgina Girard, a passenger in the Tacoma, was taken to Mount Desert Island Hospital with a complaint of pain.  

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