Island Police: Bear killed in Eagle Lake Road collision  

Bar Harbor 

At 9:20 p.m. on Sept. 21, Joshua Winter, 52, of Bar Harbor, was driving a 2009 Subaru eastbound on Eagle Lake Road. At the area of the Norway Drive intersection, a bear came into the roadway and was struck by Winter’s vehicle. The bear was killed and the Subaru got some minor damage to its passenger front corner.  

A man came into the police station on Sept. 22 to say his vehicle’s battery had died. An officer helped him jump start his car. 

An officer received a report of a vehicle that had lost its tire near School House Hill Sept. 22. 

On Sept. 22, an officer got a complaint of a dog that was being aggressive while a person was running past its house. 

A man called the police station on Sept. 22 because he was concerned about the use of marijuana in public. An officer asked the caller to call back when or if it happened again. 

Officers helped with an RV that had gotten stuck at the intersection of State Highway 102 and County Road on Sept. 22.  

While on patrol around 11 p.m. on Sept. 22, an officer located a vehicle on the lawn of private property in Bar Harbor. The vehicle’s driver, Gowtham Mahalingam, 38, of New York, was heavily intoxicated, according to the police report, and was warned not to drive and to stay where he was until the morning or until sober. Mahalingam drove off soon after and was arrested on a charge of operating under the influence. He was later bailed from the Bar Harbor Police Department. 

The police received a report of damage to the front lawn of Bar Harbor business on Sept. 23. An investigation revealed that the damage was caused by a trucking company, which was made aware of the damage and will make repairs. 

On Sept. 23, an OnStar vehicle crash was reported in Town Hill on Route 3. OnStar reported they had spoken with the driver and that it was a false crash report resulting from the vehicle’s operator running over a curb. 

A Bar Harbor business reported on Friday their sign was damaged by a customer. The customer was found and went back to the business to pay for the damage. No charges were filed. 

A bicyclist crashed and injured herself late Friday night but did not want medical attention. The responding officer gave her a ride to her campground. 

At 10:51 a.m. on Sunday, someone called the police station to report a car alarm that had been going off for hours at a local hotel. The caller gave police the plate number of the vehicle and its owner was found. An officer called the hotel and staff there said they had made contact with the vehicle’s owner, who had shut the alarm off. 

On Sunday morning, the station took calls about a washout in the area of Cromwell Harbor Road and Route 3. Officers found a large, deep hole in the eastbound lane and placed cones around the area and Maine Department of Transportation was called. 

An officer helped a couple on Sunday who were not sure where they had parked their car. The officer was able to locate the car. 

Southwest Harbor 

Police received a report of a vehicle in the ditch on Seawall Road on Sept. 22. According to the report, a woman drove into the driveway and, when she went to back out, went into the ditch. There was no damage to the vehicle and no injuries were reported. Someone helped pull the vehicle from the ditch. 

Police are investigating a report from a woman on Sept. 23 that her son’s shoes had been stolen. 

Police were asked to do a wellbeing check on Friday. When police arrived where the woman was working, she had already left and police were unable to contact her. 

On Saturday, a woman brought a business credit card that she had found in a parking lot to the police station  

A piece of metal in the roadway near a construction site on the corner of Clark Point and Herrick roads was reported around 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. Police responded to the area and placed an orange traffic cone over the site. 

A report of loud noise was made at 1 a.m. on Monday. When an officer arrived at the location and spoke to the people involved, he learned they were trying to put their young child to bed. The officer wished them luck and left.  

Police stopped a vehicle for speed around 11:30 p.m. on Monday resulting in Caleb Gyani, 28, of Michigan, being given a summons on a charge of operating under the influence. 


Deputies responded to a home a short time after midnight on Sept. 21 after the family there received a concerning communication. The person who had reached out was found in West Tremont and initial medical care was provided before they were brought to the Mount Desert Island Hospital emergency department for further treatment. 


A deputy and K9 Finn assisted the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency with an article search on Route 3 on Sept. 21. 

A deputy stopped a vehicle on Sept. 21, resulting in Kerem Karakose, 27, of Turkey, being issued a summons on charges of failing to register a motor vehicle. 

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