Hancock County Jail Log March 23-30

The following were arrested or booked into Hancock County Jail from March 23 to 30:

Jamie L. Brown, 36, Sullivan, back for court.

Jason A. Littlefield, 31, Searsport, failure to appear.

Kevin J. Robinson Jr., 29, Thorndike, failure to pay fine.

Jacob M. Carney, 24, Surry, receiving stolen property, probation violation.

Colby J. Treadwell, 23, Bangor, operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant.

William D. Flanagan, 44, Ellsworth, two days for OUI, operating beyond license restriction, bail violation.

Christopher N. Lemoine, 30, Swan’s Island, probation hold.

Dana A. Morse, 38, Cherryfield, hold for Washington County.

Kathy D. Donovan, 40, Trenton, OUI.

Ajha B. Stanley, 18, Tremont, obstructing government administration.

Matthew S. Smullen, 33, Tremont, failure to appear.

Amanda L. Holland, 30, Bar Harbor, probation violation, unlawful drug possession.

Christopher L. Meynell, 37, Sullivan, OUI.

Douglas M. Stokely, 25, Sedgwick, elevated aggravated assault.

Thomas R. Richardson, 31, Ellsworth, failure to pay fine.

Kenneth R. Chandler, 28, Columbia, failure to pay fine.

Mark A. Wescott, 51, Orland, three counts failure to pay fine.

Peter T. Benson, 31, Tremont, 12 days for OUI.

Steven D. Rankin, 43, Dedham, failure to pay fine.

Joshua J. Weeks, 23, Deer Isle, two days for OUI.

Kyle L. R. Ellis, 32, Orland, protection order violation.

Leon B. Jacobs, 41, Trenton, default in restitution.

Danielle L. Cunningham, 34, Sullivan, unlawful drug possession.

Scott J. DesJardin, 43, Sullivan, OUI, two counts drug possession.

Robert J. Benton, 19, Dedham, furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol.

Bruce A. Gustafson Jr., 35, Trenton, failure to pay fine.

Jason A. Locke, 33, Bar Harbor, two days for failure to stop for an officer and operating beyond license restriction.

Daniel S. Lynk, 49, Trenton, failure to pay fine.

Giselle M. Cyr, 30, Ellsworth, two counts failure to pay fine.

Rachel L. Braun, 32, Ellsworth, failure to pay fine.

Kyle R. Lloyd, 21, Fort Fairfield, hold for another agency.

Vincent J. Cotroneo, 43, Ellsworth, assault.

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