Hancock County Jail log August 6-13

The following were arrested or booked into the Hancock County Jail between August 6 and 13:

Jennifer L. Atwood, 38, Stockton Springs, warrant unpaid fine.

Elizabeth A. Clifford, 29, Bangor, back for court.

Christopher D. Kerns, 45, Corinna, failure to appear.

Timothy L. Thorpe, 38, Dedham, violating conditions of release and operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant.

Michael B. Stanley, 57, Bucksport, operating after habitual offender revocation.

Jon D. Burns Jr., 55, Bucksport, failure to appear.

Francis K. Spinazola, 56, Castine, 18 months for manslaughter and OUI.

Kenneth T. Morrow, 50, transient, failure to appear.

John E. Locke, 55, Lubec, hold for Washington County.

Jeffrey H. Ross, 58, Ocala, Fla., two counts failure to pay fine.

James P. Desmond, 50, Ellsworth, violating conditions of release.

Nicole A. Butterworth, 40, Hancock, failure to pay fines.

Maksim I. Grover, 23, Ellsworth, OUI.

Joy L. Levesque, 44, Bar Harbor, two counts unlawful heroin possession, one count each unlawful drug possession and aggravated drug trafficking.

Kevin S. Chipman, 39, Southwest Harbor, two counts unlawful heroin possession, one count each unlawful drug possession and aggravated drug trafficking.

Eben D. Moss, 34, Fryeburg, violating conditions of release.

Samantha D. Olsen, 27, St. Petersburg, Fla., domestic violence assault.

Christopher J. Cunningham, 31, Corinth, agency hold.

Kaleem U. Adnan, 29, Bucksport, two counts aggravated assault.

Benjamin T. Cough, 30, Bucksport, speeding 30 miles or more over the limit and OUI.

Ralph E. Bernaquer Jr., 48, Ellsworth, domestic violence terrorizing.

Joseph H. Soctomah, 37, Franklin, default in payment of fine.

Valorie L. Haskins, 42, Swanville, domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening, domestic violence terrorizing, endangering the welfare of a child.

Walter R. Gaspar, 30, Deer Isle, violating conditions of release.

Jason W. Robbins, 26, Sedgwick, five days for failure to comply with the sex offender registry act.

Cheryl A. Valley, 62, Aurora, two days for OUI.

Tammy S. Niehaus, 48, Tucson, Ariz., domestic violence assault.

Helen A. Spanos, 31, Falls Church, Va., OUI.

Garrick W. Hyde-White, 28, Topanga, Calif., OUI.

Christopher M. Whynott, 25, Ellsworth, domestic violence assault, domestic violence criminal threatening.

Tricia L. Roe, 34, Trenton, domestic violence assault, arson.

Anthony Rodriguez, 40, Trenton, OUI.

Todd M. Morris, 49, Bucksport, aggravated assault.

Baileigh M. Johnson, 20, Deer Isle, unlawful cocaine possession, transportation of liquor by a minor.

Jessica J. Evangeline, 41, Tremont, tampering with a witness or informant.

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