Kelsey Shaw, 16, of Bar Harbor escaped injury when she lost control of this 2005 Toyota sedan during slick road conditions on the Eagle Lake Road Monday evening and ended up with the vehicle perched precariously on a snow bank. The Toyota was not damaged in the accident. PHOTO BY EARL BRECHLIN

Island Police: No go in the snow

BAR HARBOR — Police again spent the majority of their time this week helping motorists who became stranded during snowy road conditions. Officer Brad O’Neil responded to a call on Route 102 Feb. 3 after a flatbed truck hauling a boat became stuck on a hill for about a half an hour. A Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) worker spread salt in front of the vehicle to enable it to gain traction.

Also Feb. 3, O’Neil helped a motorist who became stuck on the turn out from Eden Street onto Eagle Lake Road. Island Auto arrived and towed the vehicle out of the road.

A number of vehicles became stuck on Schoolhouse Hill on Route 3 in Hulls Cove during particularly slippery conditions Feb. 5. Officer Soren Sundberg responded to at least four marooned motorists, including the driver of a tractor trailer who could not get his rig over the rise. Sundberg directed afternoon traffic coming from town onto the Crooked Road while MDOT workers spread salt in the area.

Another tractor trailer became stuck Friday trying to ascend the hill on Cromwell Harbor Road. Highway department workers used a front-end loader to help pull the truck up the hill, while Officer Eric McLaughlin directed traffic.

Emergency responders were dispatched to a Route 102 house Feb. 3 when the resident of an upstairs apartment called to complain of a pungent, “boiled cabbage” odor coming from the bathroom. Responders observed that the sewer vent pipe on the roof was visible, but it was unclear if the interior of the pipe was frozen.

The landlord said he would investigate the pipes, while the resident went to stay in a hotel for the night.

Fire personnel helped several residents this week with advice and safety inspections regarding carbon monoxide alarms and heater vent pipes. In some cases, personnel assisted residents by digging paths to external vent pipes and making sure such pipes were clear of snow.

Firefighters responded to a Mountain Avenue house Feb. 4 after the homeowner reported a flood in the basement. Responders found the basement full of water and the water still running while no heat was on in the house. A plumber was able to shut off the water and pump out the basement.

Michael Bonas, 19, of Rhode Island was arrested Friday on a charge of theft by unauthorized taking or transfer for allegedly taking money out of a donation box at a local nonprofit.

Firefighters responded to a fire alarm and reports of smoke at an apartment at 56 Main St. Saturday to find a cooking fire that had been contained and snuffed out. The apartment was ventilated before the scene was cleared.

Officer Judson Cake provided a ride home for an intoxicated male Saturday night after observing the man fall down while trying to run in the street.

A motorist pulling into the wrong driveway prompted a Bloomfield Road resident to make a trespassing complaint Feb. 4.

Officer Tim Frost recovered a deceased cat from Kennebec Street Feb. 4.

Southwest Harbor

Blame it on cabin fever. Police here have been receiving complaints about snow removal.

On Friday, a resident complained of noise from a dump truck at the Upper Town Dock. The excessive banging of the truck’s tailgate while dumping snow being cleared from area streets and parking lots at 3 a.m. was a bit more than the resident could stand.

In a Feb. 3 incident, a woman reported she was upset about the snowplow driver at a neighboring apartment complex allegedly burying her newspaper delivery box with snow.

Mount Desert

Slippery driving conditions Feb. 4 led to a three-car crash on Route 198 in Somesville.

John Kelley Jr., no age listed, of Hancock was slowing his 2003 Ford when the vehicle was struck from behind by a 2004 Dodge driven by Joshua Estes, no listed age, of Ellsworth. The third vehicle, a 2002 Honda driven by David Anderson, no age listed, of Bar Harbor crashed into the rear of Estes’ car.

No injuries were reported.

Robert Hall, 19, of Hancock was summonsed Monday on a charge of operating after suspension as the result of a report of a disabled vehicle in Somesville.

A traffic stop Saturday resulted in Lionel Madore, 48, of Mount Desert being summonsed for operating after suspension and violating conditions of release.

Acadia National Park

Rangers are warning visitors to remain vigilant while recreating on the ice at Eagle Lake and on other ponds. The recent series of heavy snowfalls following a rain event have left the surfaces of lakes a patchwork of slush covered by snow over a layer of ice that may be thin in spots.

“We’ve had a lot of people get ATVs and snowmobiles stuck because of the slush,” ranger Richard Rechholtz said.

“Just because you may see a lot of people out there doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about,” he added.


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