Documents in Young lawsuit now available

BAR HARBOR — More than 650 pages of court documents filed in the Nate Young lawsuit are now available.

Many of those pages contain up to four sheets of detailed transcripts from depositions taken over the summer of 2015.

They include statements taken under oath from Young, former Town Manager Dana Reed, former Town Councilors Ruth Eveland, Bob Garland and Christopher Walsh, Officers Larry Fickett and Judson Cake, citizen Dessa Dancy and the town’s private investigator Jonathan Goodman.

The entire transcript of the Bar Harbor Town Council’s hearing at which it voted to uphold Reed’s firing of Young, as well as a document containing information stipulated to by both sides, also is included.

Statements contained in depositions are the responses of individual witnesses while being questioned by lawyers for both sides.

Documents available on this website are listed below:

Nate Young hearing transcript

Deposition of Dana Reed

Deposition of Nathan Young

Deposition of Officer Judson Cake

Deposition of Officer Larry Fickett

Deposition of Jonathan Goodman

Deposition of Ruth Eveland

Deposition of Robert Garland

Deposition of Dessa Dancy

Deposition of Christopher Walsh

Stipulation of facts

Town of Bar Harbor’s statement of material facts

Peter St. Germain affidavit

Paul Paradis affidavit

Motion for summary judgement

Gary Friedmann affidavit

David Bowden affidavit

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