The following divorces were granted in Ellsworth District Court:

Ellen M. Swift of Bucksport and Roselyn M. Swift of Bucksport. Married March 19, 2000, at Melbourne, Fla. Shared parental rights for two minor children.

Judine Williams-Campbell of Bar Harbor and Winston Campbell of St. Ann, Jamaica, Married in 2002 at St. Ann, Jamaica.

Lanae Moline of Orland and Gary Moline of Orland, Married Oct. 12, 1999, at Cozumel, Mexico. Shared parental rights of two minor children.

Mark Knowlton of Corona Del Mar, Calif., and Pia Lundholm of Skagen, Denmark, Married July 25, 2005, at Santana, Calif.

Tessa M. Hastings of Dedham and Nathan W. Hastings of Augusta, Married March 19, 2005, at Milford. Shared parental rights for two minor children.

Lucinda Gray Chase of Bucksport and Lucas Gray Chase of Bucksport, Married Sept. 3, 1994, at Bucksport. Shared parental rights of one minor child.

Barbara Ann Macomber of Castine and Joseph O. Macomber of Castine, Married Sept. 16, 1995, at Castine.

Deidre R. Lumbatis of West Trenton and Rolland L. Lumbatis of West Trenton, Married April 22, 2005, at Santa Barbara, Calif. Shared parental rights of one minor child.

Michael W. Deveau of Otter Creek and Joan Deveau of Bar Harbor, Married Oct. 22, 2006, at Bar Harbor.

Heather B. Pellegren of Northeast Harbor and Pagiel S. R. Rose of Seal Harbor, Married July 15, 2009, at Somesville.

Suzanne L. Birmingham of Orland and Keith D. Birmingham of Orrington, Married July 17, 2010, at Bucksport.

Giselle B. Robertson of Surry and Nicolas H. Robertson of Stratton, Married Aug. 7, 2004, at Bar Harbor.

Whitney Leigh Tyler of Little Deer Isle and Kruger Barnes Tyler of Ellsworth, Married Sept. 24, 2011, at Deer Isle.

Kathryn E. Lanigan of Brooklin and Christopher A. Lanigan of Ellsworth, Married July 31, 1993, at Clinton.

Mary L. Pokoney of Swan’s Island and Charles J. Pokoney of Franklin, Married Sept. 9. 1989, at Franklin.

Maeghan M. Pratt of Trenton and John D. Pratt of Trenton, Married Oct. 11, 2003, at Bar Harbor.

Holly J. Hesson of Bar Harbor, and Benjamin C. Hesson of Leesburg, Va., Married July 8, 2009, at Leesburg, Va.

Ian G. Orchard of Stonington and Laura E. Orchard of Penobscot, Married Aug. 14, 2004, at Penobscot.

Michael E. Southard of Dedham and Rachel M. Southard of Dedham, Married Sept. 12, 2009, at Bar Harbor.

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