Crime fighters ripped off

Jensen Rich, right, and his Clean Cut Lawns crew pose in their Superheroes costumes with Molly Dillon and her mother, Heather. PHOTO COURTESY OF CLAIRE SASNER

Jensen Rich, right, and his Clean Cut Lawns crew pose in their Superheroes costumes with Molly Dillon and her mother, Heather.

BAR HARBOR — Superhero crime fighters Captain America and Spiderman had their wallets stolen on Halloween day in downtown Bar Harbor. It happened while they were doing a good deed for a sick, young girl.

Jensen Rich, owner of Clean Cut Lawns, and his four employees did their yard work that day dressed as comic book superheroes. That was to call attention to their pledge to contribute the day’s earnings to a fund set up to help Heather and Ed Dillon of Bar Harbor pay the $18,000 cost of a diabetes alert dog for their daughter, Molly, who turns 10 next week.

Rich was dressed as Captain America; his foreman, Skyler Lewis, was Spiderman. After taking a lunch break, the two left their wallets in their truck, which was parked behind Bar Harbor Savings & Loan.

“Our Superheroes costumes didn’t have pockets, so we threw the wallets in the truck,” Rich said. “No big deal. There were three trucks by ours, and we figured people were around, and it was Bar Harbor, so we’re normally not too cautious about it.”

The other members of the crew had left their wallets in the truck’s glove box. Those weren’t taken.

Rich said he and his crew spent about 20 minutes cutting grass and cleaning up around the trash bin behind Epi’s Pizza. When they returned to the truck, they discovered the two wallets missing. An envelope containing the money they had made that morning was still in the truck.

Rich said Monday that he doesn’t have a final tally of the amount raised for Molly’s diabetes dog.

“We didn’t get to finish all the customers that day because it [the theft] kind of took the wind out of our sails,” he said. “We still have some more customers to get to.”

He said the small amount of cash in the stolen wallets was insignificant compared to the inconvenience of replacing driver’s licenses and credit cards.

Bar Harbor Police Officer Tim Frost said Wednesday morning that he is investigating the theft but, so far, doesn’t have any leads. He said it’s unlikely it was the work of an arch villain, just a common thief.

Heather Dillon said Monday that, not counting whatever amount Rich and his crew are able to donate, the fund for Molly’s dog is only about $2,000 short of the $18,000 goal.

Molly, who has type 1 diabetes, wears a pump that administers a set amount of insulin every hour. Her parents or the school nurse check her blood sugar level every three hours. Still, her blood sugar can rise or fall unexpectedly.

Molly’s dog, a goldendoodle, will be able to detect when that is happening by smelling her breath. The smell of saliva changes with fluctuations in blood sugar levels. The dog will alert Molly when her blood sugar is out of balance by pawing at her.

The dog is being trained at Heartland Diabetic Alert Dogs in Oklahoma. It is expected to be ready to come to the Dillons sometime this winter.

Dick Broom

Dick Broom

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