Chief suit trial set for 2016

BANGOR — A federal court has set deadlines regarding fired police chief Nate Young’s lawsuit against his former employer, the town of Bar Harbor.

Young is asking for a jury trial for all but one count of his lawsuit.

According to the schedule set by the court, that trial would take place in March 2016.

Young is suing the town, claiming he was unjustly fired in January 2014. His claims include breach of contract and discrimination in violation of state and federal laws. Young alleges the town failed to accommodate his disability, which he has said is alcoholism.

The court set the deadlines in response to a joint motion by attorneys for Young and for the town filed to amend a scheduled order.

Among the deadlines set are those involving disclosure of experts expected to testify and evidence that is to be introduced.

Young has until July 17 to disclose the experts they expect to testify during the trial. The town has until Aug. 14 to do the same.

Discovery is the process where plaintiffs and defendants share evidence they plan to present in a case. The court has set an Oct. 30 deadline for completion of discovery.

There is a Nov. 13 deadline to file for a summary judgment, if either party chooses to do so. A summary judgment, if granted in full, would keep the lawsuit from going to a trial.

In previous interviews, Mark Franco, the attorney for the town, indicated that he would file a motion for summary judgment when the time comes.

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