Car idling for hours spurs welfare check 

Bar Harbor 

Officers received a well-being check call on the afternoon of March 8 about a vehicle that had been idling since early morning. An officer called the registered owner and found that he had been in Brewer and had forgotten to turn the car off. He said he would come home and turn off the car. 

The police department got a complaint on March 8 about roofers at a motel on Main Street allowing debris to fly into the roadway. An officer went to speak with the crew. It was decided that if the high winds that were a contributing factor persisted, the crew would end work for the day.  

An injured eagle at the high school was reported to the police on March 8. The bird was captured and is currently being treated. 

The police got a motor vehicle complaint on March 8 about a car obstructing a roadway in Bar Harbor. Officers went to the scene and spoke with an elderly woman who agreed to move the vehicle. No further police action was taken. 

Following a traffic stop in Bar Harbor on March 10, Spencer Stone, 21, of Bar Harbor, was summonsed and charged with operating after suspension and violating conditions of release. 

A set of keys found at the intersection of Main Street and Otter Creek Drive were turned into the station on March 10. 

Stephen Baker, 28, of North Carolina, was driving north on State Highway 102 by the Southwest Harbor town line on Sunday when the car he was driving lost traction and began sliding into the opposite lane that had oncoming traffic. The vehicle regained traction and Baker then overcorrected the steering, which caused the vehicle to strike a tree and spin around, coming to a stop on the right shoulder of the road. The vehicle had to be towed. EMS assessed Baker for injuries; none were reported. Baker was cited for failure to register within 30 days of establishing residency. 

Mount Desert 

According to the police log, Ethan Harkins, 19, of Ellsworth, fell asleep while driving his 2004 Toyota Camry on the Indian Point Road on Friday. The Camry went through the intersection of Bartlett Landing, off the road and struck a sign. The car was towed from the scene. No injuries were reported. 

Southwest Harbor 

The police department got a residential burglar alarm notification on March 9 for a summer residence. Officers responded and learned that a contractor had set off the alarm while doing some work.  

An officer received a report of a wallet from last summer that was recently found. The wallet’s owner was contacted and the wallet and items in it were destroyed per her request.  


The Sheriff’s Office took a motor vehicle complaint on March 14 about a driver on Route 3. The driver was located and taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.  

On the morning of March 14, a Trenton man called the Sheriff’s Office to report that he had found a woman wandering on his property. He asked her to leave and she did, but the man was concerned for her well-being as she seemed to be “out of it,” according to the police log. Deputies found the woman walking along the roadway and asked why she was on the man’s land. She said she was looking for access to walk down to the ocean. The woman was warned for trespassing and the deputies noted that she appeared to be OK. 

A deputy spoke with a seasonal Trenton resident on March 14 who thought his vehicle had been stolen. It was determined that someone known to the seasonal resident had been involved in a crash with the vehicle and had never informed him. The seasonal resident said he’d handle the situation on his own. 



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