Colonial mindset is meeting focus

BAR HARBOR — Karen James will introduce and facilitate a community discussion of colonialist mindsets at the monthly meeting of Indivisible MDI at St. Saviour’s Church on Wednesday, Dec. 13, at 6:30 p.m.

“We are all immigrants” is a familiar refrain in liberal politics. It was repeated at both the Bar Harbor town meeting in June, where residents debated whether the town should resolve to become a sanctuary community, and again in August at the vigil for Charlottesville on the Bar Harbor Village Green, organized by Indivisible MDI.

“While the intent of the phrase ‘we are all immigrants’ is to defend the civil and human rights of immigrants and refugees and oppose the escalation anti-immigrant policies,” said James, “there is an unintended, but nevertheless harmful impact.” “To homogenize people in this way erases the existence and history of Native Americans, as well as the descendants of enslaved people, who did not ‘immigrate’ to the United States, but were brought involuntarily.”

Participants will be encouraged to explore the ways in which people consciously and unconsciously maintain colonialist structures, injustices and mindsets. Strategies for “decolonizing” the nation, the state, communities and individuals will be discussed. The ways Indivisible MDI can incorporate decolonization into the work of political resistance and be more inclusive of community members from groups negatively affected by colonialism will also be a topic of conversation.

James is a scientist with professional and informal experience in diversity and inclusion in science. She is self-taught on antiracism and decolonization.

Gail Leiser, who plans to attend, said, “I look forward to widening the lens through which I view my community and the larger world.”

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