Park rangers and MDI Search and Rescue volunteers raise an injured rock climber to the top of the cliff at Otter Cliff Oct. 7. PHOTO COURTESY OF MDI SEARCH AND RESCUE

Climber rescued

ACADIA NAT’L PARK — A rock climber who fell about 30 feet to the ocean’s edge at Otter Cliff Oct. 7 was rescued by park rangers and MDI Search and Rescue (MDISAR).

The unidentified climber suffered a lower leg injury when one of the friends he was climbing with, who was an inexperienced belayer, accidently dropped him. The group was out climbing on their own, not with a guided group.

Climbing guides who were nearby helped provide initial care to the injured climber and moved him out of the ocean spray. When the park rangers and MDI SAR rescuers arrived, they raised him to the top of the cliff and carried him to an ambulance that was waiting nearby on the Park Loop Road.

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