Kelley Cemetery, located within Acadia National Park on Seal Cove Road, is one of the cemeteries that appears to have room for new plots. Selectmen recently approved rates for plots within town-owned cemeteries. ISLANDER PHOTO BY SARAH HINCKLEY

Cemetery rates set

TREMONT — After a long wait, residents will finally be able to purchase plots in five of the town’s cemeteries following a rate approval by selectmen at their Monday meeting.

Rates for the purchase of plots in Flye, Hillrest, Kelley, Rich and Head of the Harbor cemeteries were approved by a unanimous vote. Sizes of plots vary depending on which cemetery is chosen, due to previous survey measurements.

A rate sheet was drafted by former Town Manager Dana Reed and it has been more than a year since residents could purchase a plot for themselves or family members. Reed created the rates based on those set on comparable plots sold in towns surrounding Tremont.

“How does this compare to our current rates?” Selectman Mike Mansolilli asked Town Manager Chris Saunders during the meeting.

“There are no current rates,” Saunders replied. Voters at a special town meeting earlier this year authorized selectmen to set the rates. Purchasing of each plot will still need to be approved by selectmen.

Residents interested in purchasing a plot, or several plots, can go to the Town Office to reserve them. Approval for the reservation would then be placed on the meeting agenda for the next selectman’s meeting. A resident would not have to be present at the meeting to have their request approved, according to Saunders.

Once a sale is approved by selectmen, the resident can return to the Town Office to complete the purchase and pick up a deed for the plot. Purchasing a plot is a purchase of land and recorded in the Hancock County Registry of Deeds.

According to the rate sheet presented to selectmen, only 12-by-nine foot spaces are available in Head of the Harbor Cemetery. That space is enough to accommodate four burial spaces, but is set due to a previous survey.

In Rich Cemetery, only single five-by-10 foot plots are available. Residents can purchase multiple plots, according to Saunders, but the price may be greater than other locations and the size is set until an updated survey is conducted.

“We are laying out the cemeteries based off surveys, but we need updated surveys to sell plots,” said Saunders regarding the varying sizes among the different cemeteries.

There are 11 cemeteries maintained by the town, but Tremont only has deeds to five of them, according to Saunders.

Sarah Hinckley

Sarah Hinckley

Former Islander reporter Sarah Hinckley covered the towns of Southwest Harbor, Tremont and neighboring islands.

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