Oblivious to the nearly 600 people in the bleachers, Maximus Berzinis takes a snooze at center court during the Democratic Caucuses at Mount Desert Island High School on Sunday. PHOTO BY EARL BRECHLIN

Caucuses back Sanders, Cruz

BAR HARBOR — Democrats gathering for presidential caucuses here Sunday were definitely feeling “the Bern.”

Support was overwhelming for Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont who held a nearly two to one advantage over former senator and secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

Bar Harbor caucused with Mount Desert and Southwest Harbor at Mount Desert Island High School. Nearly 600 people attended. County party officials released the delegate counts late Monday.

Bar Harbor awarded 15 delegates to Sanders and 6 to Clinton. Mount Desert Democrats elected six delegates for Sanders and three for Clinton.

Southwest Harbor Democrats awarded 4 delegates to Sanders and 2 to Clinton while the total in Trenton was 2 for Sanders and 1 for Clinton.

Tremont held its own caucus on Sunday. Totals there were 3 for Sanders and 2 for Clinton. Cranberry Isles Democrats awarded just one delegate, to Sanders.

In Hancock County, the delegate total for Sanders was 101 compared to 51 for Clinton.

Statewide, approximately 65 percent of the delegates to the state convention were awarded to Sanders, 35 percent to Clinton.

At the state convention, Democrats will elect 22 delegates to the national convention. Under the current formula those delegates would be awarded 15 for Sanders to 7 for Clinton.


On Saturday at Ellsworth High School, nearly 900 Hancock County Republicans turned out. They backed Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He received 430 votes compared to 255 for Donald Trump, 131 for Ohio Representative John Kasich and 63 for Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Rand Paul, Jeb Bush and Mike Huckabee, who previously dropped out of primary contention, received one vote each.

Cruz ended with 46 percent of the vote to 33 percent for Trump and 12 percent for Kasich and 8 percent for Rubio.

On the Republican side, Maine’s delegates to the national convention will be apportioned with 12 going to Cruz, 9 to Trump and 2 to Kasich.

Earl Brechlin

Earl Brechlin

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