Photo By Anna Travers

Valentine’s Day scramble on

Photo By Anna Travers

Mo McGuire, co-owner of Queen Anne’s Flower Shop, gets an arrangement ready for Valentine’s Day.

BAR HARBOR — Frantic is the word that area florists use to describe the run up to Valentine’s Day.

Thousands of ruby-red roses, fragrant lilies of all colors and exotic orchids by the score are passing through area shops, as lovers, family members and friends prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And, of course, there is a hitch – everything must be sold for and delivered on just one day.

“It’s a mad rush to prep all those flowers and have them super fresh on that one day,” Laurie Riddell of Cottage Flowers in Otter Creek said on Tuesday. “The timing is everything. We just stay really organized, make good lists, make bows and everything else I can think of in advance.”

“Roses are definitely a hard set for Valentine’s Day. I think they’ve been engrained in people’s memories their whole lives,” said Mo McGuire. She owns Queen Anne’s Flower Shop with her husband Scott Stevens. “But we like to mix it up as much as we can.”

McGuire estimates handling more than 1,200 roses of every color this week. That’s on top of the dozens and dozens of lilies and tulips that also have found popularity.

Gail Royal, of Westside Florist in Southwest Harbor, delivers across the island and into Ellsworth. She says that the weather is the most chaotic part of the holiday. But, she said, business inside the shop can get pretty exciting on Valentine’s Day.

“There are times during the day, like after work, the place can get pretty frantic,” she said.

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