New shared workspace to open April 1 in Bar Harbor

BAR HARBOR — For professionals looking for a workspace without a lot of overhead, Anchorspace, at 337 Main St., opens April 1.

According to founder Nicole Ouellette, Anchorspace will be a place for businesses, nonprofits and freelancers who need a desk, high-speed internet access and use of a conference room to meet clients.

“The purpose of a co-working space is to increase productivity, income and networking opportunities for those individuals and businesses who wouldn’t have access, especially from a home office,” said Ouelette.

Anchorspace is not an incubator, but it is geared toward businesses looking to reach the next level of success, added Ouellette.

“It is almost impossible for small businesses to find office rental space that is affordable when they are just starting out,” said real estate broker Kimberly Swan. “I am excited to see what sorts of businesses will be able to get a strong start in Bar Harbor because of the Anchorspace model.”

Maine Tourism Association CEO Christopher Fogg said, “I also think that as the small entrepreneurs utilizing Anchorspace grow, it increases the likelihood that their business will remain downtown, leading to another business open year-round. … [Projects] like Anchorspace help change the landscape,” said Fogg.

Ruth Eveland of the downtown advocacy group Hub of Bar Harbor sees Anchorspace as an opportunity to capitalize on creative, forward-thinking individuals.“The Hub of Bar Harbor wants to promote new, year-round business development, and the best way to do it is to grow from seeds,” Eveland said. “Anchorspace is great soil, and The Hub can be water and sunlight.”

Rents are available daily or monthly, and the Anchorspace conference room can be rented for private meetings and small gatherings.

Ouellette has started a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. Crowd-funding, she said, is definitely in the spirit of Anchorspace.

Visit and its crowd-funding site,

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