Dental office plan in works

BAR HARBOR — A downtown property that has been used to house seasonal workers would be redeveloped to include a new dental office and residential space, according to plans under review by the planning board.

Dr. Mathilde Reznik, doing business as Bar Harbor Dental Group LLC, proposes building two structures at 333 Main Street as part of her project. The 1,600-square-foot structure closest to the road would house the dental clinic on the first floor and a residence above. A garage workshop constructed at the rear of the lot would contain a studio apartment on the second floor.

Two single-family houses on the lot would be razed as part of her project. The houses, which have been used in the summer to house workers with Witham Family hotels, are described in the project application as being “in poor condition.”

The application was found complete Jan. 7 by the planning board. A public hearing has been set for Feb. 4.

“We are very excited about the project and truly hope it can come to completion,” Reznik said.

333 Main Street is located next door to the old Bar Harbor Water Company building. The office would operate during regular business hours and would employ Reznik, a hygienist and one support staff, according to the application.

Reznik said that she hopes to create as “green” a project as possible, with an eye on energy efficiency, alternative power and other environmentally friendly options.

“We will still use a lot of conventional tools, but they will be part of an operation that is trying to be green,” she said.

Landscape architect Sam Coplon is representing the project before the planning board. Hedefine Engineering and Design and John Gordon Architecture also are involved in the project.

The preliminary estimated cost is $1.6 million, according to planning documents.

Reznik moved to the area in 2013 with her husband and three children. Her husband, Dr. Oleg Reznik, is the medical doctor at the St. Joseph’s Family Medicine practice at the Jackson Laboratory. The family lived in eastern Oregon before moving to Bar Harbor.

“This is an excellent place to be in every way,” Reznik said. “For a young family, it’s great.”


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