Pipe breaks, residents asked to conserve water

SOUTHWEST HARBOR – People connected to the public water system here are being asked to reduce their usage until a problem can be fixed at the water treatment plant.

That could take two days, Steve Kenney, manager of the Southwest Harbor Sewer and Water District, said Tuesday afternoon.

Electronics controlling the pump that moves water from Long Pond to the treatment plant malfunctioned Tuesday morning, causing pressures to rise and led to a rupture in a pipe inside the plant, Kenney said. He estimated that 3,000 to 4,000 gallons of water flooded the floor of the plant before the flow could be stopped.

Fixing the broken section of pipe isn’t a matter of making a trip to the local hardware store for parts, Kenney said. Special parts had to be ordered from New York and are expected to arrive in Bangor tomorrow. Kenney said he expects the plant to be fully operational sometime Thursday.

In the meantime the water district is buying water from the town of Bar Harbor. As of 4 p.m. six truckloads – each containing 8,000 gallons – had been delivered and deliveries were to continue through the evening, Kenney said. The trucked water then is treated at the plant and pumped to the standpipe on Freeman Ridge for distribution.

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