Boathouse approved

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — After a dispute stretching several weeks, attorneys representing the owners of a private boat storage facility have come to an agreement with the town on a planned reconstruction of the building.

The 7,500-square-foot building at 114 Shore Road is located less than 100 feet from the shoreline. It sits in two different zoning districts with different standards for maximum building height.

Part of the property is in the Maritime Activity Zone, which includes areas of restricted size within the harbor set for commercial uses primarily related to marine recreation, commerce and services. The other part is in Zone B, which is served by the town sewer and water and includes areas of mixed, commercial, industrial and residential uses.

The proposed reconstruction would have exceeded the Maritime Activity Zone height limit by five feet. The parties agreed that, since the facility is located predominantly in Zone B, it would be extended by 50 feet into the Maritime Activity Zone.

The Board of Appeals was originally scheduled to meet last Wednesday to consider a variance application that was submitted on behalf of the property’s owner in early December. In the application, Rosecliff LLC, the owners of the property on 114 Shore Road, requested a Board of Appeals review on the basis that “strict application of the town of Southwest Harbor land use ordinance would cause undue hardship.”

Don Lagrange, who serves as code enforcement officer, said having a scale drawing of the property was extremely helpful in promoting a solution that didn’t involve Board of Appeals proceedings.




Henriette Chacar

Henriette Chacar

Former Islander reporter Henriette Chacar covered the towns of Southwest Harbor and Tremont.
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