Births at MDI Hospital

BAR HARBOR — The following births were recorded at Mount Desert Island Hospital from June through September.



A son, Damien Xavier Hibbard, was born June 3 to Thomas Hibbard and Teshah Closson of Gouldsboro.

A son, Lucas Tony Thibeault, was born June 4 to Ariel Gilley and Jack Thibeault Jr. of Ellsworth.

A son, Noah Christopher Loughin, was born June 7 to Stephanie and Christopher Loughin of Mount Desert.

A daughter, Kinlee Rae Stilwell, was born June 10 to Allison Sawyer of Bass Harbor.

A son, Noah John Kreinus, was born June 24 to Liza Hamor and Steven Kreinus of Mount Desert.

A daughter, Brooke Jean Ulin, was born June 28 to Bracey and Kasey Ulin of Forks, Washington.



A son, Jayden Cao, was born July 6 to Wei Zhou and Junyue Cao of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Briella Rae Roberts, was born July 6 to Bobbi-Jo and Cale Roberts of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Charlotte Grace Butler, was born July 13 to Pierrepont Fisher and Joshua Butler of Otter Creek.

A son, Everett Phillip Hamor, was born July 19 to Samantha Brent and Wesley Hamor of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Gabriella Rose Rankin, was born July 24 to Kayla and Matthew Rankin of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Arianna Pamela Johnson, was born July 26 to Eleni White and Dale Johnson of Ellsworth.



A son, Gage Haney Chattin, was born Aug. 1 to Briana and Andrew Chattin of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Emmalee Celest Laurendeau, was born Aug. 5 to Amber Bollinger and Mark Laurendeau of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Ella Bradley Madeira, was born Aug. 11 to Christin and Bradley Madeira of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Bree Anne Burns, was born Aug. 12 to Lucinda and Jerry Burns of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Quinn Harper Beals, was born Aug. 15 to Amanda and Christopher Beals of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Hanna Michelle Rollins, was born Aug. 18 to Michelle and Eric Rollins of Surry.

A daughter, Abigail Elizabeth Barker, was born Aug. 21 to Kimberly and Kyle Barker of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Isla Shannon Merchant, was born Aug. 27 to Anne Leonardi-Merchant and Ian Merchant of Northeast Harbor.

A daughter, Inara Madeline Petroulis, was born Aug. 30 to Sarah and Nicholas Petroulis of Ellsworth.



A daughter, Margarete Christiane Hebron, was born Sept. 2 to Jasmin Harsy and Robert Hebron of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Liliana Marie Osnoe, was born Sept. 11 to Priscilla Smith and Joseph Osnoe of Surry.

A daughter, Leia Michele Brown, was born Sept. 14 to Jacquelin Haddow and Daniel Brown of Lamoine.

A son, Reese Thomas Ford, was born Sept. 30 to Ashley Little and Patrick Ford of Mount Desert.



A son, Malakhi Robert Ryner, was born Oct. 3 to Kathryn and Michael of Addison.

A son, Nathan Henry Dionne, was born Oct. 5 to Cynthia and Joseph Dionne of West Tremont.

A son, Bryson Matthew Sukel, was born Oct. 7 to Katie Greenlaw and Jake Sukel of Trenton.

A daughter, Petranella Jean Watkins, was born Oct. 10 to Mallory and Michael Watkins of Bar Harbor.

A son, Alexander Michael Brunton Bochkarev, was born Oct. 16 to Margaret Brunton and Sergy Bochkarev of Sullivan.

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