Births announced


Births announced

BAR HARBOR — The following births were announced by Mount Desert Island Hospital from May through September.

A son, Luke Beck Shattenberg, was born May 22nd to Stefanie and Benton Shattenberg of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Hilda Mae Weiss, was born May 24th to Sally and Tim Weiss of Otter Creek.

A daughter, Cedar Wight, was born May 27th to Emily Damon and Jacob Wight of Blue Hill.

A daughter, Penelope O’Keefe, was born June 23 to Candace and Brendan O’Keefe of Seal Cove.

A daughter, Hadley Chapman, was born July 4 to Alexis and Jason Chapman of Lamoine.

A daughter, Lainey Jane Hoover, was born July 9 to Amanda and Logan Hoover of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Willa Mae Thibodeau, was born July 13 to Cassie Minctons and Hanes Thibodeau of Orland.

A daughter, Remi-Ray Herrick, was born July 15 to Jessica Sinclair and Aaron Herrick of Hancock.

A son, Jackson Harper, was born July 19 to Amanda Hanson and Ryon Harper of Southwest Harbor.

A son, Martin Saunders Price, was born August 3 to Grace Price and Christopher Saunders of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Morgan Reese McMullen, was born August 8 to Tiffany and Richard McMullen of Lamoine.

A son, Deacon Hodgdon, was born August 13 to Jamie Lynn and Michael Hodgdon of Surry.

A son, Henry Eaton, was born August 15 to Jessica West and Nathaniel Eaton of Steuben.

A son, Odin Loukas, was born August 15 to Alexandra and Austin Loukas of Gouldsboro.

A daughter, Kaylie Seavey, was born August 21 to Melanie Pinkham and Matt Seavey of Franklin.

A daughter, Caydince Brooke Holloway, was born September 4 to Nicole Wallace and Tim Holloway of Milbridge.

A daughter, Gemma Perry, was born September 7 to Samantha and Joe Perry of Southwest Harbor.

A son, Stephen Shepard, was born September 16 to Amy Chazin and Brian Shepard of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Mina Dunn, was born September 16 to Amy and Matthew Dunn of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Lilah Richardson, was born September 23 to Emily Rathbun and Keegan Richardson of Ellsworth.

A son, Bryson Gerrish, was born September 30 to Kelsey Bubier and Ryan Gerrish of Winter Harbor.


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