Biomedical bootcamp set

BAR HARBOR — The MDI Biological Laboratory will offer a new course to prepare high school students entering their junior or senior years and those who graduated in 2017 for biomedical careers. Biomedical Bootcamp: Techniques for 21st-Century Careers will run from Sunday, Aug. 13, through Friday, Aug. 18.

Career opportunities in biomedical science now extend to jobs in industry, finance, investment, policy, information technology, communications, even to the launching of a biomedical startup offering an innovative product or service.

The coursework in a state-of-the-art research training laboratory will include conducting studies with animal models and interacting with scientists who will share their experiences on the path toward biomedical careers. The students will gain cutting-edge biomedical skills that will prepare them for college as well as for advanced learning opportunities, such as internships and work-study jobs.

Students who enroll in the course will have the opportunity to explore the park and surrounding coastline after they have completed their course work each day.

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