Better binoculars

AUGUSTA — The Maine Marine Patrol recently announced the purchase of new, more powerful binoculars for officers’ use in law enforcement and search and rescue work.

The new 14×40 Fujinon Image Stabilization binoculars were purchased with a $3,200 grant from the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund and matching funds of $2,339.50 from the Maine Department of Marine Resources.

They feature stabilization technology that allows images at 14 x magnifications to remain in view as Marine Patrol Officers stand on the deck of a moving boat. The new binoculars replace previous models that had only 7 x magnification.

“The enhanced magnification allows Marine Patrol Officers to survey more area in greater detail,” said Colonel Jon Cornish. “This is especially important as more fishing activity is moving farther off-shore.

“We made the decision last year that we needed to improve our ability to conduct surveillance of a fleet that is spread out over a greater area, and to build on our search and rescue capabilities,” Cornish said.

“We’ve gone from trying to identify boats that we can barely see on the horizon, to being able to see the antennas on boats before we can see the actual boat because it is still below the horizon!” said Officer Matthew Wyman.

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