Beach advisory

MOUNT DESERT — A number of people expressed concern after seeing a sign posted at Seal Harbor beach late last week advising people that “swimming and water contact activities are not advised at this time.”

Town Manager Durlin Lunt said that, as a participant in Maine’s Healthy Beaches Program, the town sometimes posts the sign after heavy rains because of the potential for contaminants to be flushed out of the area around Stanley Brook and into the ocean.

He said the decision to post the sign is based on recommendations from Healthy Beaches volunteers, who take samples of water two or three times a week at various locations around Mount Desert Island.

“We don’t close the beach,” Lunt said. “It’s just a caution for people that they may want to think about whether to go in the water. We’ve only put a notification up maybe twice this summer because it’s been so dry.”

He said the sign is usually up for only a day or two after a heavy rain.


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