Bed-and-breakfast a no go

TREMONT — The Planning Board here on June 20 denied an application by the owners of a Seal Cove property for use as a bed-and-breakfast.

Code Enforcement Officer John Larson said the application by Brendan O’Keefe and Jarly Bobadilla for their Howling Woods property was turned down because the board concluded the proposal did not meet the definition of a bed-and-breakfast.

“They felt a bed-and-breakfast is typically in one structure, not four separate units,” Larson said.

In April, Larson issued a stop work notice on the property after learning O’Keefe and Bobadilla were advertising overnight accommodations on Airbnb in violation of the zoning ordinance. There are two yurts and two 8-by-12-foot buildings on the property, Larson said at the time.

There is no septic system at Howling Woods. Larson said the owners have had one designed, but no permit to build it has been issued.

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