Bill Ferm will moderate Bar Harbor's town meeting on June 6. ISLANDER FILE PHOTO

Bar Harbor Warrant Committee

BAR HARBOR — The town charter requires an up or down vote on the slate of 22 candidates for the Warrant Committee, according to a May 11 memo from town attorney Ed Bearor.

In the past, the moderator of the town meeting has asked for nominations from the floor for additional candidates, but Bearor said such a request is only appropriate if voters reject the slate prepared by the nominating committee.

“It doesn’t appear that the drafters of the charter envisioned that the slate of candidates would not be approved by voters,” he wrote.

This year, the nominating committee received many more applications for next year’s Warrant Committee than seats available, and some members questioned the longstanding practice of automatically re-nominating all sitting committee members willing to continue to serve.

Bill Ferm is preparing to moderate this year’s town meeting on June 6, Town Manager Cornell Knight said.

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