Bar Harbor planning board approves Main St. dental office, apartments

BAR HARBOR — Plans for a 90-foot pier at the new Darling estate on Eden Street were found complete by the planning board March 4. The board voted 3-0 to find the plans complete. A public hearing on the project has been scheduled for April 1. The $155,000 pier also is under review by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Also on March 4, planning board members, by a vote of 3-0, voted to recommend that residents approve of the land use ordinance repeal and replacement during annual town meeting voting in June.

Dental office

On Feb. 25, by a vote of 3-0, the planning board approved plans for a mixed-use project at 333 Main Street that would house a dental office and residences. Dr. Mathilde Reznik’s project would put a dental office and upstairs apartment in a 1,600-square-foot building near the front of the property, while a garage workshop at the rear would contain a studio apartment on the second floor.

Both houses currently on the property, former Witham Family Hotels employee housing, will be demolished as part of the project.

Finally, the planning board has a new member. John Fitzpatrick, the senior director of facilities services at Jackson Laboratory, is slated to join the board when they next meet in April. Fitzpatrick will bring the membership of the board to four; one position still remains vacant.

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