Maggie Bacon of Somesville, center, was the youngest crew member aboard the J/22 Wild Man, which won the U.S. Adult Sailing Championship earlier this month in San Francisco. PHOTO COURTESY OF ST. FRANCIS YACHT CLUB EVENTS PHOTOGRAPHY

Bacon wins sailing championship

SAN FRANCISCO — Maggie Bacon of Mount Desert was the youngest member of the four-person crew that won the U.S. Adult Sailing Championship here from Oct. 12-15.

Olympic and America’s Cup veteran skipper Russ Silvestri led the Northern California Yachting Association-St. Francis Yacht Club team to a 13-point lead after 20 races and four days of sailing.

John Collins and Mario Yovkov of San Francisco rounded out the crew.

Sailors raced in equalized J/22s so that no team would have an advantage.

The winners were awarded medals and will hold the prestigious Clifford Day Mallory Cup until next year’s competition.

Bacon graduated from Phillips Exeter Academy in 2010 and Tufts University in 2014.

She has worked as a sailing instructor for MDI Community Sailing, a program director for the Northeast Harbor Sailing School and captained boats from around New England to winter storage at Hinckley Yacht Company.

Bacon is now employed as a staff engineer at Hobach-Lewin Structural and Civil Engineers in San Francisco. She is the daughter of Wells and Mary Bacon of Somesville.

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