Age Friendly ordinance tweaked

BAR HARBOR — The newly town’s formed Age Friendly Committee will be a committee of Bar Harbor residents, and will have its town council representative appointed annually. The age-friendly committee was formed in Dec. 2018 when the council approved a new ordinance making the Task Force on Aging into a standing committee.

The council amended the new ordinance Jan. 15, adding language to clarify that committee members must be residents.

“When the task force on aging was formed, it was specified that members would be residents,” said Judie Noonan, the current council representative on the committee. “We simply transported that same wording over to the committee… so that it would continue to be a committee comprised of residents.”

The committee consists of 7 members, one of which is a town councilor. There are also 2 alternate members serving one-year terms without voting rights. Members are appointed by the council.

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