Addressing ordinance

BAR HARBOR — A new Addressing Ordinance was adopted in an Oct. 15 vote by to Town Council. Once it takes effect in November, the Addressing Ordinance will become a new chapter in the Municipal Code.

According to Town Manager Cornell Knight, an addressing ordinance is required by state law in any municipality that participates in emergency services. It establishes a standard procedure for assigning street addresses.

The new ordinance was presented to town councilors by Town Assessor Steve Weed and Fire Chief Matt Bartlett at a Sept. 3 meeting. Councilors voted to hold a public hearing on Oct. 15, after which they voted unanimously to pass the new ordinance.

According to Knight, the ordinance puts in writing what the town is already doing. This includes each property having a unique address, and numbering structures in ascending order from the beginning of each street.

The ordinance also specifies that public street signs will be green, and private street signs blue, with the abbreviation “PVT” added. Street signs are installed and maintained by the town’s Public Works Department.

Additionally, property owners are expected to post their street address number on the structure or residence in “a color that contrasts with the building or background color … no less than three feet above ground level” and visible “at all times of year, in all weather conditions.”

Weed will serve as the town’s Addressing Officer, assigning names to public roads and assigning street numbers for structures.

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