Holly Masterson explains her concept for the Acadia Vendors Market. ISLANDER PHOTO BY NINAH GILE

Acadia Vendors Market to open in May 

SOUTHWEST HARBOR  Holly Masterson and David Horner are hard at work getting the Acadia Vendors Market at 55 Main Street up and running. Local vendors can stake a claim now for space at the outdoor market to sell anything from fresh produce to authentic crafts. 

Vendors offering products such as remote-control cars, flowers, apparel, syrup, antiques, firewood, potted plants, entertainment services, seafood and even tours are already on board for this summer.  

“We’ve got a kayak rental business as well, which is actually my business that I’m going to be housing there,” said Masterson, adding that they are expecting a variety of new food trucks too 

Open mid-May through mid-October, Acadia Vendors Market will rent space for $100 a week or $30 a day, with other packages also available. “This is essentially an outdoor plaza. The town will like us to be in operations from 8 a.m. to sunset, seven days a week,” said Masterson 

For a small fee, the lot is equipped with electrical hookups for vendors who need power, and will soon accommodate tables, tents and storage sheds. “We have enough parking to where both vendors and customers can park here,” said Masterson. The area also includes picnic tables and porta-potties.  

Acadia Vendors Market will have no judging process that potential sellers have to go through to rent space. “We do have a simple application online where we will be looking for different varieties of businesses, what they are selling, but we are pretty much willing to accept anybody that has a desire to be there,” Masterson said.  

She noted that the application has few rules, but food vendors and food trucks will be screened to make sure they have the appropriate licenses 

The market is situated close to the Southwest Food Mart and Smuggler’s Den Campground and can fit 50 vendors. “For now, we left it at 50, but we can certainly add more. The town would like to make sure that we have one parking spot per vendor and we certainly have enough room for that,” Masterson explained. 

The owners closed on the fouracre lot in September 2018 and have spent the last few years clearing and getting the land ready to use. “I’m a real estate broker with LSR [L.S Robinson] and that particular property was very wooded, but we decided we could essentially put anything there,” said Masterson. When the pandemic hit last year, she said plans had to change. “The food truck and farmer Brown got to set up, but we had to put the rest of the vendors on hold. Last year it was too hard with the restrictions to give the market the attention that it needed, to make it happen, and get everyone on board.”  

This season, the Acadia Vendors Market plans to host events during the Flamingo Festival, Oktoberfest and the marathon in October. “We’re mile marker 25 with the marathon route, so we’ve been talking with Gary Allen [marathon coordinator] about that. It would be really fun to have a water table there because that’s the last push of the marathon. It’s all downhill from there, so we’re definitely looking to make that Sunday marathon a big deal, or our last day of the season, pending how things happen this year,” said Masterson, who continued, “In the fall, we’ve talked about selling Christmas trees and hosting holiday vendor events.” 

For three weekends in a row starting on April 24, the market will also host free community yard sale events leading up to its opening day on May 15.  

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