Acadia rangers warn visitors of snow dangers

ACADIA NAT’L PARK — Rangers here are reminding visitors of the dangers associated with the more than four feet of snow now on the ground in the park.

“If you get off the packed trail, it is very easy to become hurt or stuck,” said ranger Richard Rechholtz.

“We’re asking visitors to leave a note on their car at the trailheads to help us determine if someone is overdue or where to look for them if they are,” he added.

With overnight temperatures later this week slated to drop below zero, dressing appropriately and taking extra layers with you in case of a mishap are vital, rangers said. “People could very well freeze to death before we had a chance to find them,” Rechholtz added.

Volunteer cross-country ski trail groomers have encountered their own problems with the deep snow, Rechholtz continued. Several passes have to be made on the carriage roads with a snowmobile before the final drag that sets the ski track can be done. “They’ve been hard at it,” Rechholtz said. He added equipment breakdowns have added to the difficulty.

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