Acadia National Park Science Coordinator Abe Miller-Rushing will join College of the Atlantic’s Chris Petersen for an Acadia Centennial talk on citizen science and climate change at COA’s next Coffee and Conversation salon on July 19. PHOTO COURTESY OF COA

Acadia climate change is topic

BAR HARBOR — The effects of climate change on Acadia National Park and the role citizen scientists can play in preparing for the future are the subjects of College of the Atlantic’s next Coffee and Conversation salon at Deering Common Community Center on Tuesday, July 19, at 9 a.m.

Acadia National Park Science Coordinator Abe Miller-Rushing will share his views along with COA ecology and biology professor Chris Petersen. The Acadia Centennial event is free and open to the public.

“Abe has a really smart approach to field research. He sees the benefits of using multiple ways to get information, whether it from a naturalist’s notebook from the 18th century or a group of citizen scientists collecting data in their backyard,” Petersen said.

“He also sees both the scientific and social benefits for engaging the public in research, whether by having people collect data or by using historical documents to illustrate things like how organisms are changing with climate.”

Miller-Rushing is a phenologist, a scientist who studies seasonal changes over time. He holds a doctorate in biology from Boston University and a bachelor’s in biology from Grinnell College. He has worked in the field in such places as Japan, Arizona, Colorado and Massachusetts.

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