Abbe Museum annual meeting

BAR HARBOR — The Abbe Museum is set to hold its annual meeting at the museum on Friday, June 15, from 5-7 p.m. Suzanne Greenlaw, a member of the Maliseet tribe in Houlton, will be a guest speaker.

Preserving future generations of black ash trees is a focus for Greenlaw, a doctoral student in the University of Maine Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Sustainability Solutions and the School of Forest Resources. She also makes utility baskets and enjoys using natural dyes to add color to the creations.

For her doctoral research, Greenlaw is developing maps through GIS and remote sensing to predict where basket-quality black ash is likely to grow in the state; it’s estimated the species, Fraxinus nigra, comprises about 2–3 percent of Maine’s total forested land and, of that, about 5–20 percent is good for basketmaking.

As part of her research, Greenlaw is establishing an agreement between a commercial forest company and Wabanaki ash harvesters to permit basketmakers to harvest ash on private property.

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