Street Beat: How would you make up for missed school days?

In this week’s installment of Street Beat, we posed the following question to local high school students: If it were up to you, how would Mount Desert Island High School make up three days missed for weather and power outages this past week?

Abby Bridgers
Bar Harbor
Anytime but after when school ends, because I really want to go to my job. Please don’t push the date back!


Nick Reznik
Bar Harbor
I’d say Thanksgiving break.


Maeve Geary

Southwest Harbor

I would take two days off of our Thanksgiving break, and one day off another break, like February or something.


David Anderson

Bar Harbor

My opinion is always that it’s better to have some school on the weekends rather than tacking it onto the end of the school year. Last year I missed a week’s worth of summer work, which adds up to a decent amount of pay, because we had so many snow days.


Ava Drennan

Bar Harbor

I don’t think we should have to make up the power outage days. But if we have to I wouldn’t do it in the summer. It should be throughout the year on Saturdays.




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