12th Night all in day’s work for collective

BAR HARBOR — A zany reworking of William Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” will be staged by the Barn Arts Collective at College of the Atlantic on Friday, Nov. 6. The performance, starring Lyndsey Anderson, Andrew Simon, Brittany Parker, and Mélissa Smith, begins at 6:30 p.m. in Gates Community Center. The cost is $10.
The play is one of the bard’s cleverest comedies, in which our heroine Viola and her look-alike brother, Sebastian, are shipwrecked and wash up on the shores of Duke Orsino’s realm. Believing the other has perished, each make his or her way into town. Viola, unsure of the lay of the land, disguises herself as a man. As Cesario, she hires herself out as a servant to the duke.
Orsino is so taken with the comely lad that he enlists his help wooing the lovely Countess Olivia, who has zero interest in him but takes an instant shine to the pretty boy messenger. Viola, in turn, finds herself smitten by the duke.
And then Sebastian turns up.
All sorts of complications and hilarity ensue, aided and abetted by a pair of drunken lords, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby, Feste the fool, a jerk named Malvolio and Maria, a saucy wench.
This complicated comedy is staged with just four actors, rather than the usual dozen-or-so who make up the cast. Roles are doubled and tripled up, with such juxtapositions as Simon playing both Duke Orsino and his love interest, Olivia.
Shakespeare’s witty dialogue and fun plot, and the energetic performances from the Barn Arts cast make this play a rousing good time.

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