A carving of a yellow-rumped warbler. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE GILLEY MUSEUM

Workshop participants to whittle a warbler

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Carver-in-residence Steve Valleau will lead a yellow-rumped warbler carving workshop at the Wendell Gilley Museum on Saturday, May 12.

A yellow-rumped warbler, also known as a “myrtle warbler.” A workshop on carving this bird is planned for May 12 at the Wendell Gilley Museum. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE WENDELL GILLEY MUSEUM

Participants will start with a roughed-out basswood blank to craft this bird, also known as a “myrtle warbler.”

The workshop is open to both beginning and experienced carvers; children 11 and up are welcome with an adult. While sculpting this bird, attendees can enhance both their artistic and naturalist skills. Participants will look closely at references as they recreate the shape and plumage of this warbler.

Preregistration is needed to participate in the workshop, as space is limited. The fee, including instruction by Valleau and all materials, is $25 for Wendell Gilley Museum members and $30 for nonmembers. Tools may be borrowed during the workshop or purchased in the museum gift shop. Register at 244-7555, [email protected] or 4 Herrick Road.

The Wendell Gilley Museum celebrates the life and work of Wendell Gilley, a pioneer in the field of decorative bird carving, and endeavors to inspire appreciation of the visual arts, engagement in artistic creativity and respect and care for the natural world. Visit wendellgilleymuseum.org.

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