Workshop focuses on neurodiversity

BAR HARBOR — Jill Lee and Kelley Sanborn will present a “Neurodiversity in the Workplace” workshop at Anchorspace on Friday, April 27, at 3 p.m.

The workshop will help attendees define and understand different neurodivergent conditions. The conversational format will answer participants’ questions about neurodiversity in their workplaces or their own particular neurotypes. In the process, participants will realize that good business management and “accommodation” for differences are often one and the same.

“Autism is just one type of neurodivergence, but it’s still fitting that we are able to offer this workshop during Autism Awareness Month,” said Jane Holland, Anchorspace’s community manager. “We are seeing forward thinking companies actively recruit and make accommodations for divergent employees to utilize their talents effectively.”

Lee’s education on the subject of neurodiversity began when she was a student under Sanborn at College of the Atlantic. “These days, many of my colleagues and friends grapple with the possibility of having ADHD or a different neurotype, but most of us don’t understand what that actually means,” said Lee. “Having learned from (Sanborn) and seeing this demand around us, I put two and two together and proposed the workshop.”

Sanborn is a special education teacher at Mount Desert Island High School and former special services director for MDI schools. She also teaches the course Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Regular Classroom, a mandatory course for students who are pursuing public teaching certification at the College of the Atlantic.

The professional development workshops are held monthly and focus on the skills and information that all individuals need to succeed through entertaining, affordable and local learning opportunities. The workshops are free for Anchorspace members and cost $25 to the general public. There is a networking “happy hour.”



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