White supremacy in Maine history

BAR HARBOR — College of the Atlantic history professor Todd Little-Siebold will discuss white supremacy and racism in Maine history Tuesday, May 7, at 4:10 p.m. at College of the Atlantic’s McCormack lecture hall.

In a reprise of a talk given earlier this spring at the Jesup library, Little-Siebold will explore the ways that Maine’s history of white supremacy and racism has been sanitized and erased. He will explore why Mainers displace and erase the uncomfortable politics of white supremacy in their history.

Little-Siebold teaches on a wide range of subjects. His scholarly work is on the evolution of racialized identities in colonial Guatemala.

“Having grown up in the American South in the era of integration and the civil rights movement, his background has made him keenly aware of racial dynamics,” organizers said. “Having lived in New England most of his life he is also keenly aware of how white supremacy works and is expressed in his adoptive home.”

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