What would Gandhi do?

BAR HARBOR — Modern applications of the thought and practice of Mahatma Gandhi will be presented in two programs by Indian activist and thinker Ramasubramanian at College of the Atlantic on Sunday, Oct. 28 and Tuesday, Oct. 30. Both programs are free of charge.

Ramasubramanian presents “Seeds for the Future: A Gandhian Approach to Sustainable Livelihood in India and the World,” on Oct. 28 from 1:30 – 4:30 p.m. in the Gates Community Center. The workshop focuses on the relevance of Gandhi’s philosophy to current social, economic, and ecological issues worldwide.

On Oct. 30, Ramasubramanian presents “Samanvaya and Finding the Harmony: An Indian Practice of Human Ecology,” at the COA Human Ecology Forum. The talk begins at 4:10 p.m. in the McCormick lecture hall.

“Gandhi unshackled India of its long perception of slavery and strengthened the vast population to look at their own potential as peaceful fighters and claim freedom,” Ramasubramanian said.

“In the process he created a new form discourse in the world political stage, where might was always seen as stemming from the power of a weapon. He altered the way the power of peace was seen and forever strengthened peace practitioners everywhere. Truth to Gandhi was God and he often said he gained his power from the adherence to Truth. What makes him so unique that thousands of people working on all forms of issues across the world even today refer to him as the icon that inspires them?”

Ramasubramanian, director of Samanvaya Social Ventures, LLC, has been working in sustainable livelihoods and climate change adaptation for two decades following the principles of Gandhi in Southern India.

“That which sustains is ultimately that which sustains us all within,” he said.

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