Clockwise from left, Ali Fitzpatrick is Nana, Desmond Reifsnyder is the Boy, Andy Schnabel is the Skinhorse, Bonnie Snyder is the Toy Soldier, and Mary Paola is the Velveteen Rabbit in the Acadia Repertory Theatre’s summer Children’s Theatre show. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE ACADIA REPERTORY THEATRE

‘Velveteen Rabbit’ to be staged

MOUNT DESERT — A theatrical adaption of Margery Williams’ “The Velveteen Rabbit” will be performed at the Acadia Repertory Theatre every Wednesday and Saturday through Aug. 19, at 10:30 a.m.

Written by Cheryl Willis, the play stars Mary Paola as the Rabbit, Desmond Reifsnyder as the Boy, and Bonnie Snyder as the Toy Soldier and ensemble, with returning ART company members Ali Fitzpatrick and Andy Schnabel filling out the cast.

This play receives a gentler treatment than many of the theater’s original Children’s Theatre adaptations of recent years. The fractured-fairy-tale elements Acadia Rep audiences have come to expect are put in the service of a sweet tale which never seems to go out of style, of a boy who loves his toy rabbit so much he makes it real.

Full of magic and wonder, and containing elements which appeal to adults as much or more as to the children in the audience, “The Velveteen Rabbit” is appropriate for all ages. As Willis always says, “The last thing you want at a children’s show is a restless adult!”

Call 244-7260 or email [email protected].

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