"The Giants, Part Three" will be staged at Chummy’s Boathouse on July 21 and 22. IMAGE COURTESY OF THE BARN ARTS COLLECTIVE

Two plays, one film on tap

TREMONT — The Barn Arts Collective will present two original plays and an original short film this weekend in Bass Harbor. “The Giants, Part Three,” a new play by Matthew Jellison and directed by Isaac Klein, will show at Chummy’s Boathouse on Friday, July 21, and Saturday, July 22, at 7 p.m. “Continue,” a play by Duomuži, and “Shift,” a short film by Craig Newman, Jen Pitt and Michael Barringer, will be presented together at the Barn on Saturday, July 22, at 2 p.m.

“The Giants, Part Three” is the third play in a saga about giants – human beings the size of skyscrapers – who show up in the city one morning and begin knocking down buildings, as well as the people in their path.

The piece is “rated PG-13” and will run approximately 75 minutes.

“Continue” will be developed in the Barn by Duomuži, an ensemble made up of Colleen Sullivan, Ronald Prokeš and Luke Robbins. “Continue” is a devised piece exploring the perseverance, humor, love, pursuit, isolation and romanticism of the Wright brothers that culminated in opening the sky for humanity.

“Shift,” a short film by Craig Newman, Jen Pitt and Michael Barringer, will follow two women who move to a small coastal town to start their life together. From sunrise to sunset, they enjoy each other’s company.

The film will be shot on location around Mount Desert Island during the artist’s week in residence and be presented as part of the double bill on Saturday afternoon.

Visit barnartscollective.com.

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