‘The Adventures of Miss Susan’ to return

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — “The Adventures of Miss Susan,” a wordless puppet show about a children’s librarian, inspired by real-life librarian Susan Plimpton, will be performed Friday, March 29, at 6 p.m. at the Southwest Harbor Public Library.

A fictional story based on a real hero, the show “follows a Maine children’s librarian as she encounters the battles of her everyday world, attending board meetings and executing countless fundraisers while also serving tea and popcorn to 40 first graders at story time,” a press release said. “Her efforts are tireless as she fights for those who can’t fight for themselves — children. On the night of her retirement party, Miss Susan is feeling heartbroken over ending the most exciting and rigorous chapter of her life. But when a mysterious drink shrinks her to the size of the very books on her shelves, she is called once more to fight, this time amidst the extraordinary battles of the stories on the page.”

The show was developed by Brittany Parker through a residency at the Barn Arts Collective and the Southwest Harbor Public Library in the summer of 2018, with collaborators Mélissa Smith, Katie Melby, and composer Andrew Lynch.

Contact the library at 244-7065.

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