Chris Brown, founder of Food for All. This year's Thanksgiving meal will be held on Nov. 19. FILE PHOTO

Thanksgiving feast is early

BAR HARBOR — Food for All will host its annual Thanksgiving feast on Nov. 19, the Thursday before Thanksgiving.

This year’s gathering will include several showings of “Food for Thought, Food for Life,” a 20-minute documentary directed by Susan Rockefeller that – like Food for All – hopes to inspire people to think differently about what we eat and to make changes that will have positive impacts on our health, our earth and our communities. Her goal with the film, Rockefeller said, “is to start a conversation about the things [she’s] most passionate about and empower people to take small actions that produce big changes. Conversation leads to collaboration, and together we can find local and global solutions that help the planet and ourselves.”

Food for All hosts a free meal every Thursday, except on the actual Thanksgiving itself, from 4-7 p.m. in the Parish Hall at the corner of Mount Desert Street and Ledgelawn Avenue. It’s both a weekly celebration and an education, open to everyone, with no paperwork or other barriers to participation.

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