"Moonlight Aurora" by Mike Taylor. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE MDI PHOTO CLUB

Taylor to put stars in focus

MOUNT DESERT — Mike Taylor will give a presentation on night photography at the monthly meeting of the MDI Photo Club in the Mellon Room at the Northeast Harbor Library on Tuesday, April 10, from 6:30-8:30 p.m. The public is welcome.

Using slides, graphics and examples of his work, Taylor will discuss how photographing at night differs from other photography. He’ll discuss how astrophotography is different from landscape astrophotography, where the Milky Way is in the sky, and how it moves through the night and seasons. He also will show how to track the northern lights, how to know when there will be a display, and how they look at Maine’s latitude compared to places like Iceland and Norway. He also will discuss techniques for processing these photos.

Taylor’s landscape astrophotography and scenic-nature images and articles have been featured on NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day, Huffington Post, The Weather Channel, NBC News, Viral Nova, Discovery.com, Mashable.com, “Down East”, Unilad, “Outdoor Photography Magazine,” Yahoo News, Space.com, Utah.com, Earthsky.org, Spaceweather.com, Solarham.net and other science websites and social media pages.

Taylor is a contributing member of the International Dark-Sky Association, and he has been working in conjunction with the organization to help raise public awareness of artificial light pollution and its negative effects on human health, wildlife, safety and energy waste.

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