Third grade students share their poster entries for this year's Bar Harbor Garden Club educational contest. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE BAR HARBOR GARDEN CLUB

Students win state, regional garden club contests

BAR HARBOR — Several students who won first-place in Bar Harbor Garden Club educational contests for children at pre-school, elementary, middle and high school levels went on to win at the state (Garden Club Federation of Maine) and regional (New England Region) levels.

Sixth-grader Callan Eason won both the Garden Club Federation of Maine and New England Region first-place awards, as well as a national certificate of commendation for her sculpture entry.

Third-grader Taylor Ehrlich, first-grader Peyton Mae Hanson and fourth-grader Danny Mobraaten won both state and regional first-place awards for their poetry.

The three winning poems

“My Garden” by Taylor Ehrlich

I walk into the beautiful garden.

With flowers, bees and butterflies all around me.

The happy breeze is twirling with delight,

And the sun gives a warning welcome.

As I walk further into the garden,

The smell of lavender and blooms fills my soul with joy,

But when I go, I’ll always remember my garden.


“Spring Haiku” by Danny Mobraaten

Butterflies and bees

Are now flying in the trees

I hear sounds of spring.


“Butterflies, Bees and Me” by Peyton Mae Hanson

I love you, Bees!

Bees, bees, they are sweet.

They help make plants.

I plant the seeds and together we make plants.

I love you, bees.

Bees, bees, don’t sting me.



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