Student-run event to share life-changing ideas

BAR HARBOR — “Beyond the Whale Skull,” a free student-run event fostering the sharing of life-changing ideas through stories, poetry, film, music and more, will take place at College of the Atlantic’s Thomas S. Gates Jr. Community Center on Friday, May 11, at 6:30 p.m.

“We really want people leaving the room feeling sparked with ideas, to leave feeling inspired to carry on a conversation beyond the event,” said event co-founder Sarah Gibson ‘20. “We have such an incredibly diverse environment here on Mount Desert Island, and we need to learn from other people through sharing. That is really what this event is all about: bringing together people from all different diversities and who have unique and incredible stories to share.”

The event will exemplify what it means to live and learn at COA, where the transdisciplinary pedagogy demands openness to collaboration, organizers said.

“By collaborating and exchanging ideas with people in various fields of expertise, the human ecological experience is about combining knowledge to construct a holistic understanding of the world. At COA, we value developing the ability to solve complex problems through working together. Beyond the Whale Skull is an opportunity to do exactly this!” said co-organizer Junesoo Shin ‘21.

“Beyond the Whale Skull” challenges presenters to use a multimedia approach to share their life-changing ideas.

“Our goal through the creative medium is to keep people on the edge of their seat so the night feels like everything but a formal conference,” said co-founder Clement Moliner-Roy ‘18. “The event is meant to be inspiring, with so many different opportunities to be creative, bringing videos, poetry, speeches and music all together under one roof.”

Contact Junesoo Shin at [email protected].


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