Guinness the dog is the Hancock County SPCA pet of the week. PHOTO COURTESY OF THE SPCA OF HANCOCK COUNTY

SPCA pet of week: Meet Guinness

Guinness believes that the beauty of his personality is more important than the way he looks on the outside.

When you look at him, you’ll see a big brindle dog of undetermined parentage with a snaggletooth. Some people even think he’s “boring” because he’s not a puppy. Pfffft! So what? The right person will stop and look deeper for his true personality.

Guinness would be the most attentive companion you could ever wish for and will notice everything that you do. He will be best friends with the people who respect his personal space and give him good things, especially treats! He knows a lot of tricks.

He loves to play and walk.

Guinness has been having some trouble with his skin being itchy, so he has a particular food that he eats to help with that.

Guinness does not have any dog friends right now. Mostly he is interested in people. He might be OK with the right dog. Cats are OK. If they leave him alone, he’ll leave them alone.

If you are looking to settle down with a loyal soul mate, give the SPCA a call and ask for Guinness.

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